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Monday, August 28, 2006

Hitting the wall...

I now know the next hurdle I've got to get over: averaging over 19 mph for an hour ride. I tried it again today with nearly the same results as before. One hour of lapping Cleveland Park had me right at 19.1 mph. I cooled down to get up to 20 miles for the ride and my average came down a little.

I'm not going to push it too much for the rest of the week. I don't want to wear myself down before the ride this Saturday.

Today's Training Line:

Distance: 20.26 miles / Average Speed: 18.9 mph / Time: 1:04:10
Average Heart Rate: 166 bpm / Level 5: 0:52:22* / Work: 1292**

* Level 5 is the time heart beats between 165 and 183 bpm
** Comparative number to measure exertion during different sessions

Data collected by Sports Instruments ECG Pro 7 heart rate monitor and Cat Eye Astrale 8 cyclocomputer


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