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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Interesting story lines

Today there should be some interesting story lines up in Michigan. Of course, I'm sure we are going to hear a lot about Dale Jr.'s bump and win yesterday in the Busch race. Then there is the Elliot Sadler explosion in the number 19. In addition, there is all the fall out because of the driver changes.

What about the racing? Michigan can be interesting. With its multiple passing grooves, it can allow the drivers to find the line best suited for them and even adjust in order to get around the competition if need be. Plus, it is getting down to do or die time. Some guys are going to really be going for broke.

How about PaitRacing? Well, let's check it out:

First, the competition. I'm up against Tru-Jr-Fan this week. Speaking of Jr., he did win last night and Michigan isn't a bad track for him. He did well last year. He starts 17th today. Kasey Kahne has also been pretty good at the track. I have a feeling he is itching to have a finish that matches how he ran in the race. He has "lost" in the last lap in the last two races. Today it will try to move up from 15th. Finally, there is Greg Biffle. He has got to be one frustrated driver. It appears that he certainly is trying to make a run to get in the chase. Wow, it will be hard, but rolling off 6th today is a good step in the right direction.

For me, I have Jimmie Johnson leading the way in 8th. What can I say about him? He is just quietly going along staying in the top spot. I'm sure he'll be playing it safe today - or maybe he will end up busting off one of those dominant runs of his. Shrub follows in 11th. Again, I had to decide whether to run him or Martin. A lot of people would probably say I should have put Martin in there because he is a Rousch driver in Michigan. However, Martin seems to be fading as the season progresses and Busch appears to be surging. I could be wrong - we'll see. Finally, there is Gordon. Who knows what he will end up doing. The one thing I know for sure is that he starts 12th. Based on qualifying and the practice speeds, it could be a long day.

In the end, I think I stand a pretty good chance. I know I need this win. BBuck is on the longest winning streak of all the teams in our fantasy league. I really don't see him losing today. The good news is that if anyone can beat him, it is Super_D.


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