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Monday, August 28, 2006

They really work

I discovered that the two 16 oz. water bottles I was using were just not large enough for longer rides. I figured it was a simple thing to just go in a bike shop and grab a larger bottle. I noticed that Chris was using one of these Polar Bottles. So, I checked them out. I was skeptical, but they do hold 24 oz. So, I thought I would try them out.

I put one of the bottles full of sports drink in my freezer. Later when I was about to do a 20 mile ride, I took it out and hit the road. I never got to drink much of anything. The liquid never melted enough for me to get a drink! Saturday when I took my 72 mile ride, the ice in my water hung around for nearly 2 hours and the water stayed cool until the very last stretch home.

These bottles are not a gimmick. They really work.


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