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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I think I'm almost ready

Today was a big confidence booster. I got up early on a Saturday morning in order to make it to the starting line for our planned ride. Dave was there waiting for me and Chris arrived shortly after I got there. We were rolling off shortly after 7 a.m.

I hate to say it, but I actually enjoyed starting that early. I didn't really enjoy getting up early, but it was certainly worth it. It was cool - about 71 degrees - and the sun was just beginning to pop up above the trees. Best of all there was very little traffic.

The first lap was uneventful - except I was stupid enough to look down at my computer as we descended so I could see how fast I was going. I looked up and realized I was about to enter a curve. Thankfully, there was a road at the apex of the turn, so I hit my brakes and scooted into it.

Chris hit 50 mph coming down. I only got up to 46 mph. Maybe someday I'll get a little faster. Either way, it was much fun. Also, I should point out that going up Altamont was much easier this time.

We made it to the finish line in about one hour and twenty-four minutes. We stopped long enough for me to eat a banana and Chris to finish his bagel. Then we were off for our second lap. Dave was going to have to leave early, so we stuck him at the point to pull us up to the base of Paris Mountain. He did a wonderful job!

We picked up .2 mph on our average. When Chris and I started up Altamont we had averaged 16 mph up to that point. Dave's pulling really made the difference for me getting up this second climb. My heart rate had run in the 140's for much of the run and didn't go over 165 bpm.

The second trip over Paris Mountain was different. The final climb was awful! To make matters worse, I had taken my helmet off to climb and dropped it right before the more drastic incline. It really threw me off my rythmn. However, we did make it to the top.

On the way down, my legs just quit. Any other time I've gone down the mountain, I have been able to put it in the big ring and use my momentum to help me climb the slight rises that come up as you descend. Not this time, I found myself coming out of the saddle to get up some place I normally power through.

From that point on, it was survival for me. However, we made it. It was the longest ride I have ever made and it included two trips over Paris Mountain. I think I can make it on September 2nd.

Thanks Dave and Chris. Next Saturday I'm thinking about riding the metric century route - without including Paris Mountain - it should be about 55 miles or so. Want to come along? :-)

Today's Training Line:

Distance: 45.73 miles / Average Speed: 15.7 mph / Time: 2:53:31
Average Heart Rate: 158 bpm / Level 5: 0:58:15* / Work: 3219**

* Level 5 is the time heart beats between 165 and 183 bpm
** Comparative number to measure exertion during different sessions

Data collected by Sports Instruments ECG Pro 7 heart rate monitor and Cat Eye Astrale 8 cyclocomputer


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