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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Things really turned around

The whole race changed right after I put my final post up last night. Turns out that things went a lot better for me. Super_D won - as you would expect him too since he was going up against the giveme team. Tru-Jr-Fan beat BBuck - this is one of the things I really needed to happen. The other thing that I needed to have happen was for me to beat RYR28. Well, when Elliot Sadler went in the wall, that became a possibility and in the end I pulled it off.

So, the league standings are like this:

PaitRacing :: 16/6/1
BBuck :: 16/7/0
Super_D :: 14/9/0
Tru-Jr-Fan :: 12/11/0
GetAFreeRide :: 0/21/1

If only I had not tied GetAFreeRide for that one race...


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