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Friday, July 07, 2006

Following Hincapie with Hincapie

I've been following the Tour de France pretty closely again this year. It is actually kind of nice not to have Lance in the mix. There is a huge question mark this year. Eight to ten riders seem to have a legitimate opportunity to win this year. It could even be someone not on the radar (though I doubt it).

There is still a long way to go and the mountains still loom in the distance. I'm hoping that Hincapie can save up his strength and then pull an Armstrong when we get to the mountains near the end of the tour.

Yesterday the Greenville News started a blog written by George's brother Rich. I hope it will really be a worthwhile blog and we can pick up some insights that you don't normally get from the media more focused on all the riders. You can find the blog here: Hincapie follows Hincapie.

Yes, I have not missed the irony of a NASCAR fan following cycling in France. I guess it is an example of the changing demographics in the sport - both sports.


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