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Sunday, June 18, 2006

By a hair...

Well, Gordon didn't blow it for me. I'll tell you, the reason why I came out of this by a hair is that had Stewart not gotten put in the wall by Jeff Green, it could have been much closer. My drivers did not live up to their potential today.

I can't be too unhappy though. Gordon got a top ten finish and I made it out of the day with a win. This means the standings in our fantasy league are now:

PaitRacing: 10-4
Tru-Jr-Fan: 9-5
Super_D: 9-5
BBuck: 8-6

Tru-Jr-Fan had it made because he was up against the give me team. RYR28 led for the majority of the day again Super_D, but at the end he lost out. I thought I had BBuck beat good after Stewart's wreck, but then Martin started fading and Stewart picked up some spots once he got back on the track. Had the rain not stopped the race, things could have been much different.

Oh yeah, Gordon could have finished the race in 9th or 8th place in the standings but he started doing his normal activity of starting out strong and then really messing up his car causing him to fade, fade, fade... Now he remains outside the top ten.


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