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Monday, June 26, 2006

The road was good to me!

Sonoma gave me some breathing room. I really didn't expect Tru-Jr-Fan to lose this one. So with Gordon taking first, my team winning against Super_D, and Tru-Jr-Fan dropping one - I can say the road course was very good to me.

This means that I have put some separation between myself and the other two closest rivals. Here are the standings:

PaitRacing: 11-4
Tru-Jr-Fan: 9-6
Super_D: 9-6
BBuck: 9-6

Things are really tightening up! Next race I will for sure go 12-4. So, no matter what happens with the other guys, I will maintain the lead.

It was neat seeing Gordon win again. He complained about the car all race long, but he still threw it around those curves and once the final pit stops ended... you knew he was going to take it.


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