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Friday, June 23, 2006

Arena Racing is nothing to laugh at

Several weeks ago when the Greenville Grrrowl were about to close up shop, Ralph Bristol (the local radio host) joked that what the Bi Lo Arena needed was indoor NASCAR. Of course, he didn't know that something like this actually did exist. I popped him an email with a link to the Arena Racing USA web site.

It made for an interesting topic on his show that day. The response was tongue in cheek, but with a tad bit of seriousness as well. Everybody chuckled, but most everyone also figured it would fly if someone actually gave it a chance here in Greenville.

Well, guess what? Arena Racing is expanding and big name in NASCAR is investing. Joe Gibbs has announced that he will be helping to bring Arena Racing to Charlotte. They should be firing up the engines in November of this year.

Hockey is not dead in Greenville. I don't think we would ever see Arena Racing in this city -- indoor racing is not the image that the people pulling the strings want for us. I guess we'll have to outgrow our complex about ourselves before we'll be willing to give it a try.

Racing on a hockey rink - I'll take it!


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