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Friday, June 16, 2006

Take me out to the ball game

Finally, I am able to connect blogger to my server and made some updates. I'm not sure what the problem has been, but I have not been able to upload updates for and Things started connecting again this afternoon.

This evening was spent with the family at the Greenville Drive game. Unfortunately, our guys lost 6 to 3. It was still great fun and the fireworks were exciting for the kids.

Here the kids enjoy their hotdogs. They also loaded up on nachos and candy... I hope they sleep tonight!

Here is one of the bright spots of the night. Here a Drive player hit a towering shot over the Mini-Green Monster. Sorry I missed the fireworks. All you guys get is the smoke.

The stadium is beautiful and will continue to get better and better as things build up around it. If you are a Red Sox fan, you'll love this minature duplicate of Fenway.

Go Drive! Oh, it was also fun to sit and watch NASCAR Cup qualifying on my iPaq using the wireless signal within the stadium. Sweet!


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