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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Weekend of speed

They call this the "Weekend of Speed." The historic Indy 500 is run tomorrow as well as Monaco for Formula One. Nascar heads into its longest race of the season with the Coca Cola 600. That's a lot of racin'!

Here is an update of our fantasy league standings:

I pretty much assured to be 9-2 late Sunday evening. It would take a catastrophe to get beat by GetAFreeRide. I do have a way I hope things turn out.

Having Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon on the same team causes a problem. I want to win the league, so I always want Jimmie to do well. However, I want Jeff Gordon to win the championship. That means Jimmie has to croak a couple of times to make that possible (plus, Gordon is going to have to pick up some slack).

So, my wish would be that Jimmie Johnson goes out early in the 600 and Gordon wins the race. Because I am up against the "give me" team, I wouldn't lose anything in the league. At the same time, Gordon would pick up some major points on the current points leader.

We'll see...


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