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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The what?

It looks like the Bible study is back on at Heritage Court. WHNS TV reports One Management as saying, "they would allow the residents to continue their bible study while they look to the Special Council for Religious Discrimination with the United States Department of Justice for guidance."

The what? I didn't know the DOJ had a Special Council for Religious Discrimination. Well, it exists. You learn more about it here. The more I learned about it the more I realized One Management might want to hold off contacting them. Just let this thing die a quiet death.

So, according to the SCRD web site, what would be something they would frown on and consider religious discrimination in housing?
An apartment complex has a meeting room that is available for residents to reserve for card games, social activities, and similar events. A resident is told that she may not use the room to hold a Bible study with friends.
Yep, One Management, you had better stop while you are ahead - or while you are not too far behind. My guess that is what they are doing. They have invoked the "guidance" of the DOJ to save face while we will never hear about this again.


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