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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Catching up on stuff...

I'm going to try to catch up on some stuff this morning. The weather is wet and I can't be outside. There are no things scheduled to participate in, so I have a day to catch up on the many things I have piling up on me!

I hope to get an update up on as well as do some maintenance work on That site has basically been running itself with no input from me for months! It's time to give it a little attention.


Several weeks ago I wanted to show you all a pretty neat service I have discovered. Now I'm finally getting around to it! allows you to view your home cable over the Internet from any location with http protocol enabled. For home you get better quality with VLC, but the ability to change channels and access the stream from anywhere makes pretty cool!

Here you see me watching Fox News on my 21 inch monitor. Depending on the connection speed you have, the picture size can be pretty large. Most times it is best viewed with a width of 400 pixels.

Here I am watching Bud Pole qualifying on my iPaq 5555. Yep, you can stream live TV to your handheld Windows CE device. Some mornings I'll stream Fox & Friends to my iPaq while I'm shaving. I've also watched TV while sitting in Trio on Main Street.

I'll probably post some NASCAR fantasy league stuff a little later. The good news is that I am undefeated so far this season! Also, I will be going to the NASCAR All Star race this May. I'm pretty excited about it.


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