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Monday, April 10, 2006

Remaining undefeated!

Any other day and I would have gotten creamed. Lucky for me I was up against our "Give Me" team. This is the team we created so that we could have six participants. The drivers on that team aren't that good so you are pretty much guaranteed a win on the race against "him."

I'm telling you, on the next intermediate track, I am going to bench Jeff. He just isn't getting it done. Kyle Busch didn't do much better, but he has done better than Gordon on each of the Texas type tracks. Then again, the Dupont chevy was having a top 15 run before the flat...

The good news is that 24 team didn't lose that much in the points battle. He is basically the same amount of points behind the leader after Texas as he was going into the race. Unfortunately, he also dropped a couple of positions.


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