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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bad idea...

Last night was the race in Phoenix. I made the choice to sit Mark Martin and put Kyle Busch in the race. I figured since he won the pole and appeared to have a good car he had earned the right to there. I had toyed with benching Jeff Gordon, but while he has never won at Phoenix he has one of the best averages. Jimmie Johnson is pretty steady this year, so he was pretty much of a no-brainer. So, since Martin had the lowest average finish I decided to replace him and give Busch a chance. Stupid.

So, what would have happened had I just done what I normally do? I would have had 415 points and would have kept my unbeaten streak alive. Looks like I should have left well enough alone. I appears that on my team experience trumps whatever starting position you might have. Oh, well... I guess I learned my lesson! Now on to Dega!


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