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Friday, May 12, 2006

My day is going flat

Today is Ride Your Bike to Work Day in Greenville.

Cyclists biking to work this morning

I got up this morning after being pretty bummed out last night because of my Vespa problems. Being a cyclist, I thought I would jump on my bike and ride to my office. The thought of heading downtown to join up with the other folks biking to work crossed my mind. Approaching the bike, I noticed the front tire was a little low. So, I get out the pump and started out to fix the problem. Wouldn't you know it. The tire would not hold the air. It appears the rubber is torn right where the valve stem attaches to the innertube.

Undaunted, I plan to get a new tube and fix my flat at lunch. There is still a chance to join in. I think it would be great if Greenville could be more cycling friendly. My dream is a bike lane from Timmons Park near the campus of Bob Jones University down to Cleveland Park. You could then ride downtown to McPherson Park. Oh well, maybe someday... Right now, I would like to just be able to ride out of my driveway!

By the way... Why is Greenville having Bike to Work Day today? National Bike to Work Day is NEXT Friday. Not to mention the fact that the front page story of The Greenville News was about a teenager who killed a bicyclist this past Sunday in a hit-and-run accident.


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