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Friday, October 29, 2004

28,000 "imaginary" voters found

Increase In Registered S.C. Voters Bigger Than First Thought

Recently the South Carolina Democratic Party smirked at the South Carolina Republicans for registering 28,000 imaginary new voters. Problem is, Wyeth didn't take into account the recent purging of the voter records in 2001. More than 315,000 inactive voters were purged.

So, the "imaginary" voters have been found. The Republicans looked in the backyard while they were greeting people at the front door. Wow, that is a pretty big backyard! Several hundred thousand people did not update their records or failed to vote in two consecutive general elections.

Now, everyone seems to be crowding in the livingroom! The Associated Press reported yesterday that state voter registration is up to almost 2.32 million over 1.98 million active voters in 2002. A net gain of about 17 percent in registered voters is significant. It is a sign of the interest in this election.

Now we just have to wait and see for whom those voters cast their ballots.


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