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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Your great grandma was a hobbit - not

Dwaft skeleton shakes evolutionary tree

Puhleeze! I know. I am a religious nut. I am intellectually backward. I am arguing with the "truth" of science. I know all of that, so don't fill my email box with trying to convince me of it.

I can't help it, though, the whole concept of evolution is so stupid. After reading stuff like this, I am more convinced then ever that evolution is nothing more than a postmodernist attempt to avoid the concept of a creator. They fumble around like little kids in a dark wood. They stumble upon one interesting tidbit after another contradicting themselves and contantly coming up with this new theory and that one - always building on an earlier theory that they have never proven. Before long the initial theory gets labeled as fact. However, logic is obvious - if you start with a false premise, you end up with a false conclusion.

So, let's grant that anthropologists have found a group of bones that point to a particular group of human beings with a particular bone structure. How on earth does that lead to the following conclusion? “This finding really does rewrite our knowledge of human evolution,” said Chris Stringer, who directs human origins studies at the Natural History Museum in London. “And to have them present less than 20,000 years ago is frankly astonishing.” Ah, this statement is made because of the following:
It smashes the long-cherished scientific belief that our species, Homo sapiens, systematically crowded out other upright-walking human cousins beginning 160,000 years ago and that we’ve had Earth to ourselves for tens of thousands of years.
Note the use of the word belief. Here is an example of one of those theories that is used as a fact on which other theories are built. It is as though these "scientists" think to themselves, "If we can just bury the original bogus theory far enough underneath succeeding theories, we can get people to forget about all the holes in the original claim."

Bombard people with an overload of information. Claim that you have intellectual superiority and those who question you are dumb. It is the postmodernist way.


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