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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Thanks, DeMint and Tenenbaum

Senate candidates avoid hot topics in S.C. debate

The two candidates were asked about "Fritz" Hollings' recent statement calling the people at Bob Jones University "jackasses."

Charlotte Observer quotes Tenenbaum: "We worked very closely with (Bob Jones) to help them develop their program for teacher education and prepare teachers to be excellent teachers in our classroom," Tenenbaum said. "So that's my experience with Bob Jones."

I have to comment on that one. BJU education graduates are some of the most sought after in the state. They regularly are awarded county and statewide awards - such as Teacher of the Year. However, the State Department of Education has had nothing to do with that success. If anything, BJU is constantly battling to keep the State Department of Education from passing regulations that would alter the school's educational philosophy.

So, while I appreciate Tenenbaum's kind words. Her statement isn't exactly correct. Of course, I'm not sure exactly what she said because The State quotes her saying something different.

Candidates asked about Hollings’ comment on university

Tenenbaum: “Bob Jones University has worked with us in terms of teacher education. We have worked very hard with them.”

That quotation seems more accurate with reality.

So, what did DeMint say? He said Hollings’ observation “was just a terrible thing ... I’ve never seen any hint of discrimination or bad feelings (at the school). They’re an asset to South Carolina.”

On the humorous side, I had someone tell me what I should have said when asked to comment on Sen. Hollings' statement. "It takes one to know one." Of course, being the tactful guy that I am...


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