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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fantasy league update

Before I walked into church tonight, Gordon was leading at Watkins Glen as the red flag was lifted and the race was restarting for the final laps. Gordon + road course * 10 laps = victory. When I walked out of church I learned that Gordon lost and to make matters worse, Stewart won. I didn't know exactly what happened until I got home and then it was REALLY bad. Gordon spun out with two laps to go while he was in the lead!

He still managed a top ten and I bet he is kicking himself big time. Hamlin also finished up in second. So, with Mears getting a top 20 finish, I was able to rack up 436 points to give me the highest point total for the race (wasted on thewildcard - 34 points). BBuck held on to second place with a 35 point win. Super_D added another solid win over DraftingWithYates, but he is still in last place four races behind DraftingWithYates.



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