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Monday, August 06, 2007

You can't win them all...

Got beat yesterday by Super_D. All the star aligned for him because his drivers haven't exactly been burning up the track this year. Until yesterday, that is...

Team Pts
Pts Team
Super_D 493 vs. 459 paitracing
thewildcard 95 vs. 429 A_Junior_Fan
DraftingWithYates 353 vs. 362 BBuck

BBuck pulled off right at the very end. I thought Draftingwithyates, was going to beat him (which would have been good), but right at the very end BBuck pulled it off. That means that BBuck moves into sole possession of second place in the league. Draftingwithyates and A_Junior_Fan are now tied for third.

So, BBuck has now cut my lead to 5 with only 5 races left before the chase. The good news is that Gordon is still churning out top fives and Steveo will be back on the box next week -- which, I should point out is a road course. Wouldn't you know it? It will be wasted on the wildcard team.


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