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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Living without my Edge

I love my Garmin Edge 305 -- except for one thing, the altimeter does not work. It constantly reads 5135 feet. I have reset it, reinstalled the software, and sat it outside for over an hour trying to recalibrate the thing. No go, it just won't work.

After contacting Garmin for the second time, I got the following message from Garmin support.
Thank you for contacting Garmin International,

I am sorry but the problem you are experiencing with your unit will require it to come into GARMIN for a warranty repair. I will be happy to set up a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for the repair, however I will need additional information to be able to do so. Please email me the following:


Address (physical address, no PO Boxes)

Phone #

Serial # of GPS unit

Description of the Problem

I will email you the address and your RMA number to have the unit shipped back to us for the warranty repair. From the time that we receive the unit, we should have it back to you within 10 days as we will ship it back to you Second Day Express.
Ten days! Let's see, I really need the device tonight, so I will have to send it out tomorrow. If it takes two days to get there (that would be Aug. 10) then I would most likely get the device back a couple of days AFTER my Caesars Head ride. :-( However, the good news is that I should have no problem getting it back before my Ride for Mike. There is even a chance that it will get back to me the day before the CH ride.

Let me go on record to say that the Garmin support has been very good. I have gotten a response within 12 hours from both a Web site request submission and e-mail. I have not had to resort to calling yet. I'll let you know how this progresses...



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