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Friday, June 08, 2007

My first broken chain

The plan last night was to adjust my riding style to give myself a little more energy at the end of the ride. The route was the US Pro route starting from my house with plans to tack on some extra laps in Cleveland Park to make it to 35 miles. My plans blew up on the backside of Paris Mountain.

Sorry it is out of focus, my cell phone was on "close up" mode.

Things were going great. I kept a high cadence to the base of the mountain and was just under a mph off my normal average to that point. Now just to take on the climb with the same control - relax, spin small, and keep rolling.

I shifted down to the lower ring to follow my plan. Ever since I had the new gearing system (has it been less than a week?), I have had issues with the lowest gears. I kept putting it off because I wanted to ride - not have my bike in the shop. Well, haste makes waste - or don't sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate - some deep saying applies here.

Suddenly, my pedals started flying and I heard that "shalank" sound of a dropped chain. No problem, I'll just turn around and pull the chain back on the ring. That is when I looked down to find the chain dragging beneath my bike.

I pulled out my chain tool and commenced to separate the links. I was feeling pretty good about my progress until I tried to reconnect the links. Being the neophyte that I am, I had taken the pin out backwards. So, now I was trying to use the tool within the frame of the bike. Dumb.

Then Max, an angel in spandex, happened along. He asked if everything was okay. At first I was too proud to indicate that I was having trouble, but I think he sensed it. He turned back to help and in less than 90 seconds, he had my chain back on. He pulled the chain out and rethreaded it through so that the pin was on the outside. Duh, why didn't I think of that?

Then he was off. I had visions of following him up the mountain, but one glance at his quads and I knew it was a delusion. Me? I am delusional, so I took off after him.

Since he had a head start, I tried to close on him. I made up about ten yards and then I saw him come out of the saddle. I followed. Looking down I saw 14 mph on my computer and he was starting to pull away. I had to back off. For about half the climb, I could see him as I came around a curve offering a clear view for a ways. Then I saw him no more.

Man! To be able to ride like that! I'm a newbie in more ways than just chain repairs!

Thanks, Max, for the chain help and giving me something to aim for.



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