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Monday, June 04, 2007

Dover's Done

Dover went down today while I was at work. I got to see the start while at home for lunch, but was only able to check the scoring sporadically this afternoon. I checked just before going into a meeting and I was getting destroyed in my fantasy league. BBuck had over 400 points and I was just around 300.

Super_D 297 vs. 189 thewildcard
BBuck 316 vs. 410 paitracing
DraftingWithYates 432 vs. 361 A_Junior_Fan

When I came out of the meeting, the score had flip-flopped. I still didn't know what caused the flip. Actually, at the time I'm typing this, I don't really know what happened in the race. I know that Martin Truex won, but not sure why Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick ended up falling back.

Gordon must have had some trouble as well -- but not too much trouble. With a nineth place finish, he maintained his point lead over Jimmie Johnson. So much for the Hendrick COT dominance. Still, the Paitracing lead continues!

#1 paitracing 12 1 0
#5 A_Junior_Fan 8 5 0
#6 DraftingWithYates 8 5 0
#3 BBuck 7 6 0
#2 Super_D 3 10 0
#4 thewildcard 1 12 0



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