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Monday, May 28, 2007

Praying on Paris

Today I rode Paris Mountain for my daily ride. Mike was on my mind as I made my way toward the top. Didn't see any other cyclists, though I did smell a lot of Memorial Day cookouts! The time was around 5:30 and I was trying to get a quick ride in before going to my son's soccer game.

As I thought about Mike, it hit me, "Why don't you pray for him while you are just sitting here spinning your legs?" Turns out that not only was I interceeding for Mike, I was also taking my mind off of the coversation my body was trying to have with me.

How to pray for someone with cancer like this? I just pray that God will get the glory from this circumstance that Mike is in. My heart asks that God will get glory through Mike's victory over this and his use of the experience to help others. Still, I understand that God might have something greater for His son. Either way, God is good and God is great. Eternity will show the answer.

The fund for my Ride for Mike 2007 is now up to $1080. $420 to meet my minimum goal, but I trust it will be more. I know it doesn't change Mike's circumstance, but it is just like as I was riding today. I kept thinking, "If I could just transfer some of this health over to him." You can't. Then the pain sets in and you think, "This is nothing. Think of what Mike is going through. Share with him in a small way by pushing it just a little harder."

I still have a lot of pushing to do. I left my house, passed over Paris, and then came up to the top in one hour. In another 19 minutes I was back home (20 miles at a 15.4 average). My first goal is to shave off 5 minutes from that ride.

Ride for Mike 2007

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