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Friday, June 01, 2007

Thanks, Eric

Yesterday I had a nice thing happen. I called an acquaintance to see about getting a logo screenprinted on a cycling jersey for my Ride for Mike. My hope was to get a one off print for as little as possible.

Turns out, Eric knows Mike and Mike's parents are one of Eric's customers. So, he responded that the printing was on him! If you have priced a custom, one-off screenprinting job, you know how nice that is.

He'll be printing it on a Hincapie jersey. I'm hoping that I can get a jersey donated from Hincapie Sportswear and get a reprint on it so I can give it to Mike after the ride in September.

If you ever need some marketing items, be sure to give Precise Imprintable Products a call!

Oh, I took the new crank out last night. Had to ride a quick hour between my kids' soccer games. I averaged 20.2 mph again. With the changes to my bike, that seems to be my new baseline. I can hit that average every time out. With a little conditioning, 20.5 is definitely in reach.

My bike is still popping though. It wasn't the bottom bracket - at least not completely. It appears to be the frame itself or maybe the seat post. Anyway, when it starts popping, I can put my hand down and press down on the frame and the popping stops. I'm going to ride tomorrow with the Sunshine crew. Hope they can figure it out for me.

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