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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Better to be lucky AND good

It took them about six hours to get half of the Pocono race done. That was quite the call by Steve Letarte, but had the race continued for even half a lap more it might have been another story. They say it is better to be lucky than good. Well, tonight the 24 team proved it is better to be lucky AND good!

paitracing 492 vs. 338 DraftingWithYates
BBuck 416 vs. 182 thewildcard
A_Junior_Fan 334 vs. 390 Super_D

I felt bad because I was thinking that I had made a good change for Mike's team (A_Junior_Fan) when I benched Mark Martin and put Martin Truex on the track. It would have worked only the person you didn't expect to mess up did - Jimmie Johnson.

So, here is how things stand in our fantasy league:

Team W L T
#1 paitracing 13 1 0
#5 A_Junior_Fan 8 6 0
#6 DraftingWithYates 8 6 0
#3 BBuck 8 6 0
#2 Super_D 4 10 0
#4 thewildcard 1 13 0

Tomorrow, the focus turns to the Assault on Marion. Part of me wishes I had gone ahead and purchaed a number for Mitchell. Still, prudence is probably the best course at the this juncture. I can wait another year and just stick to my original plan. I'll tell you though, just going to Marion is going to be anti-climatic.



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