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Monday, September 18, 2006

One race down

I got to see the last few laps of the race (from the last restart to the end) after getting home from getting my Vespa. Man, I am glad that I was up against GetAFreeRide. I would have gotten creamed by anyone else.

Overall, it was actually a good day. I needed some drivers ahead of Gordon to have a bad day so that he could make some ground up in the points. Both Jimmie and Kyle were ahead of him and now he has passed them up. It didn't hurt me because I still picked up enough points to beat the give me team. Now next week will be a different story...

Also, Gordon still dropped some in the points because Harvick won. So, instead of being 40 points back, Jeff is now 50 points. That is a good position. There are nine races left and that ground can easily be made up if the 24 team can just stay consistent.

Who would have thought that at this point Jimmie Johnson would be 139 points back? That is going to be hard do come back from. It isn't impossible, so don't count him out yet, but it certainly isn't looking real good.


At 3:45 PM, Blogger 10-32 On U said...

That's what I hate about this points system. Jimmie has been at the top all year....and one race..will sink him. Then you have people like Casey Khane that has won more than any and he bearly made it in, and Jeff Burton who hasn't won any glides in with ease. A new system is needed that rewards wins, and will diminsh "one" bad week.


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