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Sunday, September 17, 2006

First race of the chase

I'm not worried about the fantasy league today. Sure, I know I tied GetAFreeRide once before, but that was a fluke. I'm pretty much assured that I will be on top of the pile at the end of the day.

Now, the chase is more interesting. We have the following chasers in the first ten cars of the starting grid: Kevin Harvick (1), Jeff Gordon (2), Denny Hamlin (5), and Jimmie Johnson (7). The other chasers start off in the following order: Dale Earnhardt Jr. (13), Kyle Busch (16), Jeff Burton (22), Matt Kenseth (25), Mark Martin (26), and Kasey Kahne (33).

If they finish as they start, it would give Gordon a nice jump up the standings. Of course, I wouldn't count on it. Those cars starting back in the twenties are too good to finish there. Also Gordon has more points than anyone other than Kahne to make up. He will have to clear 40 points to take the lead.

Should be a good race. I won't be able to see a lot of it. I have to go try to get my Vespa restarted. Maybe I'll get to see the end of it.


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