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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Movies on an iPod

Last night I downloaded my first movie from iTunes for my iPod. It took a couple of hours to download the file, but once I got it on my machine and the iPod, I amazed. The quality was pretty good.

The pundits question whether people would want to watch movies on their iPods. However, I think they miss the point of how many people will use the player. I don't think I will be watching the movies on the device that often. However, I will plug the iPod into the 21 inch LCD monitor in my bedroom, into the entertainment system in my den, and into the video system in the Suburban.

That is what attracts me to the service. No flipping through books or searching through jewel cases. Easy access whereever you have your iPod. I've already converted many of my movies over to mpeg4 files - I just have not been able to equal the quality of these files from Apple.

I guess time will tell...


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