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Sunday, September 10, 2006

On the edge of my seat!

Wow, I won last night in the NASCAR fantasy league, but it was close. Even closer was the battle for Race for the Chase! Here is how things wrapped up in the league:

This means that we pretty much maintain the order. Tru-Jr-Fan cut into Super_D's lead for third place. He is now just one win back.

Thankfully, next week, as the drivers begin the Chase, I am up against the free ride team. Tru-Jr-Fan and Super_D will be battling out, so there should be some movement for third place one way or the other. We'll see what happens in New Hampshire.

Gordon? Well, he slid so far back, he nearly fell off the back end! Starting in third on the track and fifth in the points, he kept going farther and farther back until he finished in 31st place in the race and ninth in the points. Of course, that means he is now only 40 points behind the leader because of the Chase format.

In a way, things start over again in New Hampshire. I'm keeping my eyes on Kyle Busch. He is on a roll. He is now only 15 points behind the leader. Of course, Harvick is also rolling right along. It could get interesting...


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