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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm starting to get cranky

For the second day in a row, I have had something happen that has thrown me off my rythmn. This evening my plan was to do my "home course" - the 1.2 mile circuit around my neighborhood. I didn't have any plans for a long ride (just about 10 miles to help keep me sharp), but about 4 miles into the run I started hearing a popping sound in my crank.

I had just gotten my bike back from the shop for a tune-up, so there shouldn't have been any issues. Perhaps getting caught in the rain yesterday caused some problems that I couldn't deal with inside. I sure hope I can figure out what it is tomorrow because tomorrow evening is supposed to be my Paris Mountain climb.

Today's Training Line:

Distance: 6.62 miles / Average Speed: 16.9 mph / Time: 0:23:30
Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm / Level 5: 0:07:00* / Work: 441**

* Level 5 is the time heart beats between 165 and 183 bpm
** Comparative number to measure exertion during different sessions

Data collected by Sports Instruments ECG Pro 7 heart rate monitor and Cat Eye Astrale 8 cyclocomputer


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