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Thursday, August 10, 2006

How many miles in an hour?

I've been riding nearly everyday now since July 22. For the first time something different happened. I didn't want to go out. Regardless I suited up and headed out. I decided to try something different. Instead of setting a distance goal, I set a time goal. I wanted to see how far I could go in one hour.

As I pushed through the laps, I started to realize I could potentially average 19 mph. Near the end of the hour I hit 18.9, but as the hour ticked to a conclusion the average speed on my Cat Eye read 18.8. Still, I was able to cover 18.8 miles in one hour. Someday, I hope I can cover 20 miles in an hour, but I was happy with this for a start.

After finishing the hour I still had to ride home. That ended up making my entire route a nearly 22.5 mile ride. I even managed to maintain a 17.9 mph average with all the climbing I had to do on the way to the house.

You guessed it. Now I'm glad I did it. Tomorrow I think I'll back off a little so that I can be fresh for the group ride Saturday morning. I'd like to pull in thirty miles that day.

Oh, today's ride also put me over 300 miles on my Allez. I could potentially end up with 150 miles this week.

Today's Training Line:

Distance: 22.46 miles / Average Speed: 17.9 mph / Time: 1:15:06
Average Heart Rate: 168 bpm / Level 5: 0:53:57* / Work: 1494**

* Level 5 is the time heart beats between 165 and 183 bpm
** Comparative number to measure exertion during different sessions

Data collected by Sports Instruments ECG Pro 7 heart rate monitor and Cat Eye Astrale 8 cyclocomputer


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