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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Anybody have any ideas?

I looked forward to getting my Vespa for sometime. However, since I have gotten it, I have been having a very hard time of things. You can check out some of the issues with the bike itself at It has caused some not bike issues as well.

This is my Apple PowerBook G4 15.2" screen. Notice the splotches all over it? Well, I was at work. I got there by driving the car in the morning. At lunch, I rode the Vespa back to work.

On the way home I needed to load all the stuff I had in the car onto the scooter. So, I put a bunch of stuff in my leather briefcase. I thought the coffee cup was empty and I wedged it into the bag thinking it would be safe there.

Nope. There was coffee and indeed the bag to turn over and spilled the coffee onto the contents. One of those items was my computer. The coffee got into the screen and you can see the results. Here is a closer picture.

Any ideas? Of course, I could go buy one but that would probably set me back close to $1000. You can't just get the LCD. You have to get the whole top part of the computer because it is all glued together.

I have had some success holding a hair dryer up to the aluminum casing. The idea is to get the aluminum hot and the head will help evaporate the water. Of course, even if I get rid of the water, I will still have to deal with the coffee stain running along the right side of the screen.

I'm open to suggestions.


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