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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The weekend: frustration and fun

Saturday morning was pretty frustrating. I got up all excited about my first ride outside of Timmons Park since I restarted riding my mountain bike. I watched the kids while the redhead went to her exercise group. Once she got back, I loaded up in the bike in the back seat of the little red car and headed for the park.

I pulled up to the entry way and noticed the teenaged attendant was looking at me rather sheepishly. I asked, "How much is it to get in?" He gave me the number, but I can't remember what it was because he followed that by say, "...but the trails are closed to bikes today." What? You don't understand, I have been looking forward to this for a week! "Oh, really?" I asked and continued, "How can I know when it will be open and closed?" He pointed at a sign by the gate, "The trails are open for bikes on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."

Click here to see Paris Mountain State Park

Sure enough, I went to the web site and in black in white it reads, "Note: This is a shared trail, used by mountain bikers and hikers on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday and hikers only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday." Well, now I know.

I went ahead and did the Urban Ride (it is getting very boring) and I guess I'll try PM later.

However, the weekend made a turn for the better after the Tar Heels beat Virginia Saturday afternoon and Jeff Gordon won Sunday's race. So, summing up my weekend, I would say: Frustration and fun.


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