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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Two sad losses

This week has been a week of loss. Sunday, "Doctor Harris" passed. He had been battling a diease for sometime. He was in desparate need of a liver transplant. Unfortunately, he reached a physical condition that made him unable to receive one.

He was there at the birth of all three of our children. He was one of those doctors who helped not only with the physical side of caring for our children but also the spiritual and developmental sides.

He will be greatly missed.

Yesterday, we lost little Sarah. She was such an inspiration. For many years she has battled a rare condition. Her heart was very weak and she struggled physically. She lived beyond her life expectancy. More than that she did it with a patience and joy that was convicting.

How thankful that we have hope to see them once again. Sarah is whole and Dr. Harris sees the Great Physician. It is we who suffer for now. But we do not grieve as some grieve. It is merely "See you later" and not "goodbye."


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