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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Five rounds of dodge disc

I'm exhausted.

In this morning's post, I pointed out that I slept in a tent last night with two kids under seven. I didn't sleep very well. So, when I started my ride this afternoon I was already tired. However, I was determined to get in my six laps at Timmons Park.

The first lap indicated that I was going to have a hard time of it. Besides the fact my body didn't want to cooperate, there were at least twelve people out playing disc golf. Once I had to dodge a disc. However, I got them back (unintentionally). I was coming down a rough section pretty fast (the worse thing you can do is use your brake and slow your momentum - you need it to get over the roots), and looked up just in time to see I was about to run over a girl who was standing in the middle of the trail. Talking about wide-eyed!

Two... Man, I don't know if I can make it. Three... I took it slow to get myself together. Four... Hey, I might make it! Five... I hate these roots! I decided to substitute the sixth lap with the rest of my urban ride. So, off down East North Street... You know the rest.

Main Street was crowded with all the people for Fall for Greenville. I went on into the crowd with my bike. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of Greenville's finest coming toward me. Something about the way he was walking made me realize he was headed toward me. He stopped me. I took my iPod ear bud out of my ear and said, "Yes, sir?"

He must have thought I was some sort of rebel because instead of politely saying, "Excuse me, but you won't be able to ride your bike here," he turned on his intimidation voice and said, "You can't ride that bike here. You'll have to get off and push it." It wasn't really what he said, but the way he said it. Of course, I said, "Yes, sir." I walked my bike over to a nearby parking lot and then got back on and rode away from downtown. I got pulled over by a policeman on my bicycle!

Oh well, I finished up and crashed once I got home. I figure I rode about 18 miles today. I think I'm ready to ride a Paris Mountain now. Right now I'm just going to lay here on the floor!


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