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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What's up with Trout?

It is hard to not comment on the piece that appeared this morning in The Greenville News about Tony Trout. I was taken by surprise when I read it. It mentioned BJU on numerous occsasions, but the reporter never contacted us about the event Tony attended and for which later submitted a request for reimbursement.

Obviously, it had to be a gas reimbursement because he wasn't charged anything for coming to the event.

I am also sorry that Tony has this view of BJU. If he feels the way he expressed himself in his emails, it isn't because people at the school have not reached out to him. He has been invited to several events on the campus since he was elected.

It was nice to see the clerk took offense to his remarks about the school. I wonder who those "BJUs" were? My guess is they weren't all BJU boosters - as is made obvious by the fact that Tony was there.

Oh, well, the truth will come out.


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