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Monday, October 10, 2005

Jumping into the tub

I didn't get through a much of Brainwashed this weekend. It shouldn't take that long to finish if I can just find several hours to knock it out. So far - much what I expected.

The book starts off with a "Publisher's Note" where David Dunham, Publisher, WND Books, explains that the book may contain material that would not normally appear in books they publish. I'm only through chapter two and nothing like that seems to have appeared - yet.

This note is followed by a forward by David Limbaugh. I'm glad to read that Limbaugh informs us that the book ends on a positive note with a "three-step action plan." I think I am going to need it after reading illustration upon illustration.

Mr. Shapiro then gives us the introduction of his book. Here he gives us some foundation for his book using statistics showing the prevailing liberalism in university. He also claims the right to comment on this topic because he has been in the "Belly of the Beast." I anticipate that he will pull heavily from his own experiences at UCLA throughout the book.

I've finished chapters one and two: No Moral Absolutes and Partisan Politics. The former was short but interesting. Being a philosophical sort, I like those types of arguments over the "street-fight" level of politics - which gets 11 less pages of treatment.


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