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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I feel good!

I haven't given a bike update in a bit. Yep, I am still on it. I only missed a couple of days last week (my goal was to try to ride at least every other day). I'm also starting to experience the pluses of being in better shape both on and off the bike. It is certainly worth the initial pain!

My route (I call it my Urban Ride) now starts in Timmons Park. By the way, it is getting downright dangerous there. The recent rains have washed out some areas and exposed an incredible amount of roots. If you do not concentrate, you'll end up on your can. You have to hit the roots square-on or your rear tire will slide down the root causing you to lose traction and possibly your balance.

From the park, it is off down East North Street. That is a fun portion because it is almost entirely downhill. I even get to break the speed limit. I really have to so that I can get into the left turn lane to get on Stone Ave./Laurens Rd.

After passing under the I-385 overpass, I take a right onto Richland Drive. That takes me into the next section of the ride: Cleveland Park. Even though it is a larger park, I don't spend as much time there as I do in the smaller Timmons. The trail follows along the top of the park from one end to the other.

From Cleveland Park I get back on the paved biking/running trail to transition to the Falls Park. Once in there I navigate around the sidewalks until I am able to ride across the Liberty Bridge. That gets me to the other side of Main St. where I cut through a muddy construction area to reach River St. I turn on East Board St. to then turn left onto Main St.

On Main St. I hope to catch all the lights green so I don't have to stop all the time. I really like that portion of Main with the overhanging trees and the people sitting out enjoying a meal from the downtown cafes. I follow it on down to East Park Ave. I take a right onto that street and it leads me back to the Stone Ave./Laurens Rd./East North St. intersection.

Remember that hill I love coming down? Well, I hate it going back. After a long ride, I just gut it out and feel the burn in my thighs. What a relief to make it back to my own street.

The good news is that it isn't taking me nearly as long to recover now. Plus, I am feeling better during the day. A lot of the stress and tension is gone and my body feels much more relaxed. I guess the pain does have gain.


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