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Monday, October 03, 2005

Best ride so far

I had a break-through today. I left work in kind of a funk. The plan was to go home and put in a lap or two at Timmons park before I had to be back at the house to watch the kids while the redhead went to rehearsal. I had a bad feeling about the ride...

Turns out, it was a turning point. I made it through the first lap feeling ready to start the second. The disc golfers stayed out of my way for the most part. No major falls.

One the second lap I came across some teens on BMX bikes. The seemed to be more interested in just going down hill. Then I noticed someone else on a mountain bike. He was the first person I had seen in the several weeks I have been riding there.

The only disappointing thing about the ride was that I pushed ahead to do a third lap to catch up with the rider. In the past, a rider would stop and introductions would be made and the riders would go on together. Not this guy! I had sprinted to catch him and was pretty wiped out (this was my third lap), but he did not stop. As a matter of fact, he seemed to "racing" me. I had to break off. Maybe we'll meet again.


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