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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Oooo, he is so smart!

The Post Online [opinion]

I would have ignored this piece written by a yuck yuck student at Ohio University, but it makes an interesting point that many take for granted, but one I disagree least to a point.
If you're absolutely dead set on leaving home, it's not too late to enroll at conservative, evangelical and private, Bob Jones University. Never again will you be distracted by evil, angry blacks, liberals, gays and others of the 'Blame America First' crowd. You will be able grow in a homogenized and sanctified garden of scripture and creationist science. Hallelujah!
That paragraph came just after the following that brings up the point alluded to above:
Seriously though, going to a university is supposed to be an opportunity to be exposed to ideas other than your own "family values." It is a time for fruity things like self-discovery. If you and your family are so set on preserving some kind of tradition or whatever (you must forgive me, self-imposition of ignorance is alien to my heathen, liberal heritage) then stay home.
Is it really the purpose of going to a university to get exposed to values that conflict with those you have been taught by family? Why can't a university work with the parents rather than against them? Certainly, it is the part of the university to challenge a young mind and stretch them in ways that will help them to grow and develop critical thinking skills -- but why is it that most educators think that means undermining Biblical values?

Thankfully, there is a place where young people can stretch their abilities in the arts and the sciences (yes, BJU exposes students to evolution. They know enough about evolution to pass any test presented. It just is taught as it really is - a hypothesis and one that seeks to undermine scripture) and still not betray the family. The University also stretches students in another way -- it disciplines them. Shock! No binge drinking? No co-ed dorms? Rules?! Yes.

We'll stack our students against those of Ohio University any day.
The proof is in the graduates.


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