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Friday, February 18, 2005

Dear Mr. Galen...

Free Speech or Hate Speech -- 02/18/2005

I really don't have an argument with this piece other than I think Mr. Galen could have used a better illustration. So, I sent this along to him and I am including it here because I figure there will be no correction made.

A better illustration


"* There is a difference between what would be seen as acceptable speech by a professor at Bob Jones University and one at the University of Colorado. A professor at Bob Jones who advocated for interracial marriage would, we suspect, be on the next bus out of Greenville, South Carolina."

This is false. The policy that you draw this conclusion from has not existed for five years now. Whether a professor condones it or not is no longer an issue on our campus. Hope you'll keep that in mind next time you are looking to make an illustration of us :-)

However, you are correct - if you use a different illustration. A professor who would advocate atheism, for instance, would certainly be sent packing - and it would be right to do so. Unlike the University of Colorado, the doctrines of Christianity are central to our charter and reason for existence. To attack those doctrines - I do not say to question the doctrines for the sake of teaching - would be to fail to uphold the charter the professor agreed to uphold when he or she joined the University.

Please, don't take this in the wrong way. I enjoyed your piece and agreed with it. I only wanted to make sure you were aware that your illustration is somewhat dated.

Jonathan Pait
Public Relations
Bob Jones University


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