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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Stephen Jones' First National Interview

MSNBC - Passing the Torch at Bob Jones U.

I think our not-quite-yet president did a great job in this interview. I have known him for sometime and know that dealing with the media is not something he gets excited about. However, I have also known him long enough to know that he will do a great job of it when he needs to do so.

I love Dr. Bob and would like to see him remain president of the institution indefinitely. However, I keep having people tell me, "The school's best years may be just ahead." That isn't a knock on Dr. Jones - it is only in a position to move forward because of how the Lord has lead him - but it is a realization that the younger Jones will bring a different personality to the school that will open up new avenues for success.

But for you people who hold out hope that it could lead to a BJU what will compromise on issues of purity of doctrine and're in for a disappointment.


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