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Friday, February 18, 2005

Biffle to the bench

Daytona 500 Race Lineup

Well, I've decided to put Biffle on the bench for the 500. The statistics show he is the weakest of my four drivers - by a significant margin. I also was not real thrilled with how he faired against the competing drivers during his 150. I still think he is a good choice for the team - in the long run.

Nemechek is off the bench and in the game. He was running well in the 150 until Harvick pulled his stunt. He will have to go to a backup car, but it was the same one he used in the Shootout. I'm feeling pretty good about my team of Gordon, Nemechek and Waltrip - and to think I once considered benching Waltrip for the 500!

A sad but funny thing happened yesterday. I was unable to watch the second 150, so I turned on the DVR to record it. I got home, did my husband duties and then settled in to see what I was told was a very exciting race. Twenty minutes into it the race suddenly switched to a Tim Allen movie. I stared at the TV screen in shock! Turns out that when my wife came home from grocery shopping Thursday afternoon she found the entertainment system making lots of noise. So she turned off the DVR!


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