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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Here's a shocker for my BJU friends

Faith-Based U

Okay, so I made the headline a little sensational. This is just another review among many of Naomi Schaefer Riley's "God On The Quad." What you might find shocking is the following statement by the columns author, Arnold Ahlert:
She profiles a number of individual schools including: Mormon stronghold Brigham Young University; Fundamentalist Christian Bob Jones University; Catholic Notre Dame and Thomas Aquinas College, one of the quirkiest schools mentioned; Jewish Yeshiva University, and Evangelical (Baptist) Baylor University.
Can you believe it? There is actually a school that this author thinks is more quirky that BJU!

I do have to say this review at least didn't follow lock-step with some of the others I have read on the book. I still have no great love for the work, but it is an interesting read.


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