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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Account from the Ivory Coast - U.S. & World - Ivory Coast Talks Urged as Foreigners Flee

This is a continuing horrible situation. However, it would be more accurate to say that this has been five days of "anti-white" mob violence. The thing that will get you killed is not your nationality. It is the color of your skin. They see you are white and they don't ask you questions!

I heard a first hand account last night of an American missionary who received word that a flight out of the country was being arranged. He and two others started the dangerous trip to the airport to see about arranging a flight out with their families.

They progressed through one "checkpoint" and then another with nothing more than having guns waved at them and shouts. At a third checkpoint, they were pulled from the car and beaten. The beating continued until an elderly man appeared and said to the youths (most of the mobs are nothing more than teenagers), "Leave these men alone. They are missionaries. Do not harm them."

The attackers left off of the beatings and let them go on. The missionary rejoiced that he was able to get the travel arrangements complete for his wife, two daughters and himself. On the return trip to his home there were no more checkpoints. I assume they are out of the country by now.

I wonder who that man was?


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