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Monday, November 08, 2004

NASCAR "What If" Standings - Races - Standings

Pretty interesting race yesterday. I didn't get to see the last hundred or so laps. The late start because of Phoenix had the race ending shortly before Pastor Chuck finished preaching last night (a good sermon - as usual - by the way).

It is getting real close. Gordon bested his needed 24 point gain by about 6 points. Earnhardt made a huge gain above his needed 33 points. Mark Martin is hurtin' - not impossible, but not very probable. So I would say it is down to a four man race at this point. Nothing really drastic has to happen. Forty points can be made up over two races without any DNFs among the leaders.

Looking ahead at average finishes for the last two races, Johnson would be the winner of the Chase by 2 points over Kurt Busch. Gordon would follow in third (34 points back) and Earnhardt would be fourth (72 points back). Of course, one thing we have learned is that you can't count on the average finish predictions (though Johnson nailed his average Phoenix finish exactly - 150 points).

Over the next two races, Gordon needs to pick up 20.5 points per race, Earnhardt 23.5 and Johnson 24. It doesn't get much closer than that! Of course, Busch just needs to keep 20 points ahead each race and he takes the prize. But think about it, 20 points is basically the difference between first and third or fourth place (depending on bonus points earned).

I would prefer that we still be under the old system - Gordon is hanging in there with the lead. I have to admit that the Chase has made it very exciting here near the end. You can see the "What If" standings below. Notice how that it is close to the actual standings when you look at the top four drivers. However, it gets more interesting the farther down you go. There are at least two non-Chase drivers who could be in the top ten according to the old system.

1Jeff Gordon4702Leader
2Dale Earnhardt Jr.464557
3Jimmie Johnson464062
4Kurt Busch4480222
5Tony Stewart4424278
6Mark Martin4287415
7Jamie McMurray4286416
8Ryan Newman4222480
9Matt Kenseth4162540
10Elliott Sadler4160542
11Dale Jarrett4071631
12Kasey Kahne4070632
13Kevin Harvick4027675
14Jeremy Mayfield4019683


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