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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

In the same boat

Jonah Goldberg on Republicans

I agree with Jonah on this one. Sometimes it seems that the "good of the party" supercedes the "good of the people." The more you get into the apparatus of the Republican Party the more you see that it appears to be a matter of getting someone elected for the Party's goals - not to advance a platform or an agenda. If you suggest something different, the Party leaders kind of look at you with a "now, why would you want to do that?" look on their faces.

I am a conservative. Right now the Republican Party is the best vehicle for me to advance those principles that I hold. There is no party with which I stand in complete agreement. However, the "club" mentality gets in the way of me getting too deeply involved in Party politics. Really that is what it is - politics within politics.

You're not alone, Jonah.


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