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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

For the BoJos out there

Bob Jones: God Has Granted America a Reprieve

Unleash the hounds! Bob Jones III wrote a letter to the President congratulating him on his election. He thought the student body would enjoy hearing it and so he read it in chapel last week.

Well, as things normally go, his office got requests from parents and friends of the school to make it available for them to hear or read. What started out as a simple letter turned into much more - partly because of the response it generated during the chapel time. It seemed the easiest way to do it would be to place it on the Web site.

Enter The Village Voice and Counter Punch (at least that is all who have published so far) who posted the letter on their Web sites. Who knows where it will go next. All I know is that it got me at least one phone call today by a very, very, VERY angry man.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Don said...

You write "Who knows where it will go next." It may be just my fuzzy head, but on last Sunday's "Meet the Press" during the Bill Safire/Maureen Dowd segment, I believe Ms. Dowd mentioned something about the Christians believing they had recieved a reprieve in the election of Bush. She was anguishing over the election results. Well I'm not a Christian, but I would have to confess that before Ms. Dowd's expressed concern over what she thought were the views of professing Christians, and just after the Bush victory seemed relatively certain to me, I had had the same thought, that we had indeed received a reprieve. I was pleasantly suprised as things developed/returns came in, and profoundly relieved.
Had Kerry secured the election, given the philosophical indications of his last decades in office, a Carteresque/Albright approach would of likely taken the day, his earnest promises about killing the terrorists not withstanding. The infuence of nations dedicated to the liberal notions of moral equivalence, American guilt, and a perverse emphasis on diplomacy might of ground the war effort to a halt, or worse, reformed the offensive into one of those impotent affairs all too familiar in recent decades. You know the rest of the story; the enemy gets political viability, and ultimately respectability (think Gerry Adams and the particularly timely example of Yassar Arafat). I don't know if the Guardian (UK), or the Financial Times, which I receive, are aware of Dr. Bob's letter. Perhaps the've read it and are still in a catatonic state?


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